Because VSAT-shop is no manufacturer of products, there's no standard warranty policy. This can differ per product and is depending on the product and the manufacturer of the product, barring statutory schemes regarding warranty. When yuo receive a wrong or damaged product, please let us know directly via support@vsat-shop.nl or support@vsat-shop.com; we will send you then the return instructions as applicable to the involved (within 24 hours).


When received a wrong delivery, the VSAT-shop will take care -when the product is returned as new, unused and undamaged- of the shipment of the correct delivery. If a product is damaged at arrival, we would like to receive it back as soon as possible. Only in these cases it's possible for us to repair or replace the damaged or not functioning product -without extra costs- for a new product. Inform us please immediately by email, so we can reserve a new product for you asap and send it to you as soon as the damaged product is returned to us.


Even when the warranty period is over you can come to us with a defect or complain. Is it reasonable that a product within a particular period, and when used normally, should function and the defect is not caused by your own, then TheDishAntennaShop will repair (if possible) of replace the product. In all cases VSAT-shop will take care of a quick settlement of the complain. In some cases it will be reasonable to pay a part of the involved costs yourself. For instance when you could use the product for a long time in a normal way and by repairing or fixing it, the lifetime is lenghtened. Or when you could use the product for a long time and you get a complete new product. If it's reasonable that you pay a part of the cost, we will inform you upfront.



Manufacturers warranty on a product?

VSAT-shop garantees that the delivered products are conform the requirements of use, reliability and lifetime as agreed by both parties in the purchase agreement, and stands for the manufacturers warranty of the delivered product(s).


This warranty expires:

- when negligent handling of the product,
- when intentional damage of the product and
- when others besides VSAT-shop -without prior notice of VSAT-shop- did repair- or other activities to the product and these (repair)activities caused a defect.



Damaged or wrong product

Please chech at delivery of the product whether your product is damaged and if it's the product as ordered and complete. If damaged, incomplete or not as ordered, please let us know asap after delivery by sending us an email (info@vsat-shop.nl or info@vsat-shop.com) or by phone (+31 (0) 10 30 60 360). Within 24 hours you get a response from us.


When a wrong product or a damaged product (by transport) is received, please send it as soon as possible back to us. Wrong delivered products that are opened or when the original packaging is damaged (like removed protection folies, torned packaging bags, batteries removed from packaging, other software images installed, etc.), can not be returned. When you do want to return the product in these cases, cost will be involved. These costs depend on the type of product and the state of the packaging and/or product.



Procedure when you have a complaint

There are two possibilities:


  1. Contact VSAT-shop. You can alway come by at our location in Capelle aan den IJssel with your product. We will check -together- the interruption. If a repair is necessary, the product will be send to the technical service of the manufacturer. A repair takes most of the times 2 to 3 weeks. You can pick the product up again at our location, when fixed. We will inform you when we've received the fixed product from the manufacturer.
  2. Contact the manufacturer / distributer and notify them of the problem. Maybe they can help you by phone. If not, then most of the manufacturers have at-home service warranty. The brand will make an appointment with you to pick up the product.




Disputes between a consumer and an trader over the conclusion or exercising of contracts relating to products and services to be supplied by this trader can be put before the Thuiswinkel Disputes Committee, P.O. Box 90600, 2509 LP in The Hague (www.sgc.nl), by either the consumer or the trader, with due observance of that which is stipulated below.

It's also possible to submit your complaint to the Dispute Committee of the European ODR Platform (http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/).