VSAT Global KU-band airtime: 512/512kbps

Pay the first month of the selected month fee to us; each next month the fee need to be payed -via an automated collection- during a period of 11 months (when a 12 month subscription is agreed)

Global KU-band Coverage Map

VSAT Global KU-band Airtime - 512 / 512 kbps

With this VSAT KU-band internet connection there's worldwide coverage. The Service Contention Ratio is available in different options:

  • 1:1 - this means that the available bandwidth will not be shared, with no other vessels, in the same region
  • 1:2 - this means that the available bandwidth is possibly shared with up to 2 other (vessels or other users) in the same region
  • 1:4 - this means that the available bandwidth is possibly shared with up to 4 other (vessels or other users) in the same region
  • 1:8 - this means that the available bandwidth is possibly shared with up to 8 other (vessels or other users) in the same region

The mentioned rates in the column CIR Bandwidth are the always available bandwidths related to the subscription. In other words: at a Service Contention Rate of 1:8 and an available bandwidth of 512 Kbps download and 512 Kbps upload the guaranteed bandwidth is always 64 Kbps download and 64 Kbps upload, when there are 8 vessels online. If less vessels are online in the same region, then the available bandwidth can be higher.

Target area: worldwide, depending on the sailing area

Service Profile

MIR Bandwidth (kbps)

CIR Bandwidth



Contention Rate

Per Service USD / month

512 / 512 Kbps

512 / 512 kbps


$ 5,425

512 / 512 Kbps

256 / 256 kbps


$ 3,252

512 / 512 Kbps

128/ 128 kbps


$ 2,008

512 / 512 Kbps

64 / 64 kbps


$ 1,436

Terms and Conditions

Individual Service Term Standard term is 12 months during which the service may be upgraded at any time to a higher service package, which will be charged according to the price list. The service may be dectivated for a period up to 6 months per year during a lay-up period, in which case the Customer will need to give a 1 month prior written notice and the period of deactivation will be added to the contract term. Rolling month to month contracts can be provided for a 30% premium to the listed 12 months prices and may be cancelled with 1 month prior written notice.
Individual Service upgrades/downgrades If a Customer wishes to upgrade or downgrade a service this will apply for a minimum period of one (1) month. After this initial one (1) month period, the upgrade/downgrade can be extended as required. Any such service change must be requested with 7 days prior written notice.
IP addresses

1 public IP address provided by default to modem.

  • /32 subnet(1 IP address)- $25 / month
  • /30 subnet (4 IP addresses)- $60 / month
  • /29 subnet (8 IP addresses)- $100 / month
UK IP addresses $ 50 / month
Antennas The above price list applies to all the antennas of the brand Intellian & Sea Tel in the VSAT-shop. Prices may vary in future if additional antennas are approved by the Service Provider.

Coverage Global
Category Airtime
Band KU-band

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