VSAT Global KU-band airtime: 256/256kbps

Pay the first month of the selected month fee to us; each next month the fee need to be payed -via an automated collection- during a period of 11 months (when a 12 month subscription is agreed)

Global KU-band Coverage Map

VSAT Global KU-band Airtime - 256 / 256 kbps

With this VSAT KU-band internet connection there's worldwide coverage. The Service Contention Ratio is available in different options:

  • 1:1 - this means that the available bandwidth will not be shared, with no other vessels, in the same region
  • 1:2 - this means that the available bandwidth is possibly shared with up to 2 other (vessels or other users) in the same region
  • 1:4 - this means that the available bandwidth is possibly shared with up to 4 other (vessels or other users) in the same region

The mentioned rates in the column CIR Bandwidth are the always available bandwidths related to the subscription. In other words: at a Service Contention Rate of 1:1 and an available bandwidth of 256 Kbps download and 256 Kbps upload the guaranteed bandwidth is always 256 Kbps download and 256Kbps upload, when online. The connection is not shared with no other vessel in the same region.

Target area: worldwide, depending on the sailing area

Service Profile

MIR Bandwidth (kbps)

CIR Bandwidth



Contention Rate

Per Service USD / month

256 / 256 Kbps

256 / 256 kbps


$ 2,899

256 / 256 Kbps

128 / 128 kbps


$ 1,720

256 / 256 Kbps

64 / 64 kbps


$ 1,056

Terms and Conditions

Individual Service Term Standard term is 12 months during which the service may be upgraded at any time to a higher service package, which will be charged according to the price list. The service may be dectivated for a period up to 6 months per year during a lay-up period, in which case the Customer will need to give a 1 month prior written notice and the period of deactivation will be added to the contract term. Rolling month to month contracts can be provided for a 30% premium to the listed 12 months prices and may be cancelled with 1 month prior written notice.
Individual Service upgrades/downgrades If a Customer wishes to upgrade or downgrade a service this will apply for a minimum period of one (1) month. After this initial one (1) month period, the upgrade/downgrade can be extended as required. Any such service change must be requested with 7 days prior written notice.
IP addresses

1 public IP address provided by default to modem.

  • /32 subnet(1 IP address)- $25 / month
  • /30 subnet (4 IP addresses)- $60 / month
  • /29 subnet (8 IP addresses)- $100 / month
UK IP addresses $ 50 / month
Antennas The above price list applies to all the antennas of the brand Intellian & Sea Tel in the VSAT-shop. Prices may vary in future if additional antennas are approved by the Service Provider.

Coverage Global
Category Airtime
Band KU-band

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