VOIP telephony, i.e. Voice Over IP, is possible via satellite. For instance for voice communication from your vessel, oil platform or drilling rig to other vessels or for voice communication purposes with your headquarters on the main land. VOIP systems can als obe used for voice communication connections for your crew, to stay in contact with their homes and family.

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Gigaset E630H DECT handset

The Gigaset E630H handset is a dust-, shock- and splashproof DECT handset (IP65 norm). Ideal for use at your ship, boat, yacht, oil platform or drilling rig. By connecting the handset with for insta..

$ 129.00

Gigaset N300A IP DECT base station

The Gigaset N300A IP is a DECT base station, suitable for both VoIP and analog telephony. By connecting this base station to the network on your ship, boat, yacht, oil platform or driling rig, it's ..

$ 69.00