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Save rewarding points with your own personal account

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Next to sharp prices VSAT-shop offers also the possibility to join our rewarding point system. The only thing you need to do, is to join us. As soon as you have made your own personal account in our shop and an order has finished, the number of rewarding points belonging to the specific bought product(s) will be added to your own personal account. In this way you can save for more and more extra discount when buying products in our webshop.

Each product has a number of rewarding points for buying it with rewarding points and a number of rewarding point that will be added to your personal account when the product is bought. With rewarding points it's also possible to do payments. When you have a sufficient number of rewarding points you can pay your order with these rewarding points. When an order is payed with rewarding points, these points will be deducted from your total amount of rewarding points. 

So join us now and save money as well!



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Questions about the rewarding point system?

If you have any question about our rewarding point system , please check our FAQ page. Or you may always send us an email at