Are you not satisfied with the product you bought? If so, you can notice us within 14 days after the reception date of your order. After this you have another 14 days to actually return the product to us.
If possible in the originally state and packaging (when reasonably possible). 

Did you use the product but the product doesn't meet your expectations? Even then we can help you, by doing a part of the refund.


Part of refund (at returning)

Are you not satisfied with the product, but you did use it already? That's a bummer for us as well.

For all your orders we have a withdrawal period (cooling of period) of 14 days, so even for the products that are already used during this period. When there are visible aspects of use, we are willing to give you a partial refund. This is always 75% of the original purchase amount. So: please feel free to have a good look at the product like you would do in a physical shop. Unpack a satellite receiver out of the box and view it from all sides, but don't connect it to watch tv as well with it.

  1. When do you get a 100% refund of the returns within 14 days?

  • When your order is returned in the original packaging, is complete and is in the original state (so for instance with the batteries still in the original packaging, no removed folies, etc.)


  1. When do you get 75% refunded of your returns within 14 days?

  • When the packaging is incomplete or damaged;

  • When the product is damaged;

  • When the product is used or dirty.


Conditions for returning an used product.

  • The partial refund is always 75% of the original purchase amount.
  • This service only applies to products not older then 14 days (from the day of receival of the package).
  • The product may not be damaged in such a way that functioning of the device is less.
  • Products that fall under the exceptions (see also Frequently Asked Questions - Exclusion right of withdrawal (submark 3)) are excluded of this settlement.


Shipping cost

When returning a product, shipping costs are involved. You can always deliver the product -without extra costs- at our location, see also our contact page.

In which cases you get a refund of your shipping costs and in which cases these are your own responsibility?


when refunded?

When you receive a Dead on Arrival product we will refund the shipping costs, because you will need to return it to us so we can check the product.


When not refunded?

We don't refund the shipping costs in case of use of the right of witdrawal within 14 days, because it's your choice to return the product because it doesn't meet your wishes.

Next to that we don't do a refund when you report a defect what seems to be not defect after a check by our Technical Department.



Product return