Intellian® v240 KU-band VSAT internet satellite system

Intellian® v240 KU-band VSAT internet satellite system

Intellian® v240 KU-band VSAT internet satellite system

Intellian® v240 KU-band VSAT internet satellite system

2.4m C- or Ku-band VSAT Antenna System

The v240 platform is ideal for mission critical communications, and can be tailored to meet operational requirements in all conditions.

Automatic polarization switching

Featuring patented technology available only on select Intellian models,the v240C allows you to effortlessly and automatically switch between linear and circular c-band polarization, wherever you go, with ease and convenience. Simply select a polarization from the ACU or PC-based control software, and the unit does the rest of the work for you, auto-adjusting itself to receive the desired signal.

Wide elevation angle

The v240C’s wide-look angle pedestal design is excellently suited for extremely low or high latitude areas, such as the Scandinavian Peninsula or the Equatorial regions. Empower your vessel with the ability to travel far and wide, without the worry of signal loss!

Motor brakes

Motor brakes on the elevation and cross-level components prevent dish damage from sudden movements and/or shock when the unit is powered off, in transport, or in storage.

Easy installation, setup and operation

With the v240C, installation and setup are easier than ever. Once a satellite’s peak signal position is acquired during first-time setup, the unit will automatically re- adjust accordingly every time it boots (bow, home sensor offset, azimuth, and elevation position), saving you huge amounts of time and effort.

Antenna dome features

The v240C antenna dome is combined with 12 panels which makes easier to assemble than equivalent products. The unit comes with an optional temperature control assembly that automatically provides the dome enclosure’s interior with air conditioned cooling as needed. No matter what the temperature is outside the dome, you can rest assured that the unit will be fully functioning under optimal temperature conditions inside the dome.

Intellian® v240 KU-band VSAT satelliet internet systeem

Superior Global Tracking Performance.

Today’s offshore sector strongly values a vessel’s ability to operate globally. The Intellian v240 VSAT antenna features patented automatic switching between circular and linear polarization, which means they work with any C or Ku band satellite in the world.

The antenna’s high-gain parabolic ring focus antenna, and an ultra-wide elevation angle enable superb connectivity virtually anywhere you go, even in extremely low and high latitude regions.

Smaller, Lighter, Faster.

Vessels seeking antennas in this size class face three common challenges: preserving valuable deck space, reducing weight aloft for safety, and shortening the time of installation.

Unrestricted by conventional thinking or legacy product designs, Intellian’s v240 platform addresses these challenges with a fresh approach. The antenna’s non-spherical radome design reduces the overall on-deck footprint by more than 30%, while features like the carbon composite reflector help reduce the overall weight.

The simplified radome design cuts installation time as does the ability to control to the antenna wirelessly with Aptus and use the built in spectrum analyzer feature all from within the radome.

Intellian® v240 KU-band VSAT satelliet internet systeem

Technical specifications Intellian® v240 KU-band VSAT system

Radome & Antenna
Radome Height: 352 cm (139 inch)
Radome Diameter: 330 cm (130 inch)
Reflector Diameter:
240 cm (94.5 inch)
Weight: 670 kg (1477 lbs) Variable w/ RF components
Stabilized Pedestal Assembly
Pedestal: 3-axis (Azimuth, Elevation, Cross-level)
Azimuth range: Unlimited
Elevation range: -20  ~ 120 degrees
Cross Level Range: Up to ± 30 degrees
Motor Brake System: Elevation, Cross Level
RF performance
TX Frequency: 5.85 ~ 6.425 GHz / 13.75 GHz~14.5 GHz
TX Gain: C-band: 41.7dBi / Ku-band: 48dBi
RX Frequency: 3.625 ~ 4.2 GHz / 10.95 GHz ~ 12.75 GHz
RX Gain: C-band: 37.7 dBi / Ku-band: 48.6 dBi
G / T: C-band: 20.0dB/K / Ku-band: 27.6dB/K
BUC Power: C-band 40~200W, Ku-band 8~40W
Cross-pol isolation: Minimum 35dBi
Polarization: C-band: Circular and Linear
Polarization: Ku-band Linear
Antenna Control Unit
Dimensions (B x D x H): 43,1 cm × 38 cm x 4,4 cm (17 inch x 15 inch x 1,7 inch)
Weight: 3.0 kg (6.6 lbs)
Display: 2 line 40 character graphic VFD module
Ship's Gyrocompass Interface: NMEA / Synchro
Modem interface: Ethernet port / RS-232C / I / O-ports
Modem protocol: iDirect, Comtech, SatLink, Hughes, GILAT
Remote Management: Yes
Wi-Fi Operation:
Power Requirement: 90~260V AC, 47~63Hz, 1A

Intellian® v240 KU-band VSAT internet satellite system

Category Antenna
Band KU-band
Diameter antenna 240 cm

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